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A Guide to Refrigerated Truck Insurance

> refrigerated truck insurance Where refrigerated trucks are concerned it’s essential to have a good insurance policy in place. Comprehensive cover for refrigerated trucks will cover the vehicle itself, the driver and the vehicles contents. It’s particularly important to have the contents insured when dealing with a refrigerated truck because if the refrigeration ceases to function, the goods will spoil.

Cover Options

    • Comprehensive- Comprehensive insurance provides the greatest amount of protection for your vehicle. For example, if you were to be involved in a crash that you were at fault for then your own vehicle as well as the third party’s would be covered. This type of cover is always recommended for refrigerated truck drivers.
    • Third party – Third party insurance is the lowest level of cover you can get whilst still being able to drive your vehicle legally. This being the case it’s also the cheapest. Although third party insurance is adequate you should definitely think about how much protection it provides you with since your own vehicle would not be covered if you were at fault in an accident.
    • Third party, fire & theft – If you want a third party policy that comes with extra protection then third party, fire & theft is the way to go. It works the same way as third party except fire damage is covered as it vehicle theft. Having these additional levels of cover certainly gives you extra peace of mind when on the road.
    • Contents cover – When driving a refrigerated truck, your most important concern is the contents that you’re transporting. What if the refrigeration were to break down and the goods were to spoil? Or you were to be involved in a collision and they were damaged? Contents cover will provide compensation in such a scenario.
    • Breakdown assistance – Breakdown assistance is always a necessary type of cover to have in place as a truck driver. If you were to breakdown then you need to know that you’ll be back on the road ASAP. If you don’t already have breakdown cover in place then you’ll be able to have it included in your policy.


Getting the Right Policy

It’s very important that you do your research when looking for refrigerated truck insurance. You have to think about what the biggest risks and have proper cover in place to protect you. By getting insurance online for a refrigerated truck insurance specialist you can expect to benefit from the following:-

  • Unique insurance options – When you get refrigerated truck insurance from one of the specialist providers, you’ll be able to specify exactly what insurance options you want included in the policy. This means you’ll be covered for any risks that you’re worried about, such as the contents spoiling.
  • Getting quotes quickly and easily – One of the biggest benefits of getting insurance quotes online is that it saves you a good deal of time and money. It’s no longer necessary to call lots of different insurance providers just to get a quote; instead you can get all the quotes you need from one place.
  • Easy claims process – It’s always reassuring to know that if you need to make a claim on your policy that the process will be simple.
  • Cover for fleets – If you have multiple refrigerated trucks that you need to insure that getting them all insured under one simple policy is possible with fleet insurance. Fleet insurance makes things much easier to manage and in most cases is cheaper than insuring vehicles separately.
  • All Types of cover – If you want to have a policy that includes breakdown cover and contents insurance then this is not a problem when getting cover from one of the specialists on the panel. You can even get your vehicle covered for driving overseas.
  • Liability cover – Liability claims are always a risk for truck drivers therefore you should always have a good amount of public liability cover included in your policy.
  • European insurance – If you (or your drivers) need to drive overseas then European insurance can be included in the policy. This will provide protection for all risks of the road when driving in foreign countries.
  • Expert advice where needed – You might already know exactly what type of policy you want but if not, expert advice is always on hand. You’ll be able to find out more about each insurance option and decide which ones you want included.

Ways to Save Money

  • Limited mileage policy – By limiting the amount of miles that you drive on an annual basis, you can opt for a limited mileage policy. Limited mileage policies are a great way to save money on insurance since the risks are lower and therefore insurance providers can offer you a better price.
  • Fleet insurance – When insuring multiple trucks, fleet insurance nearly always works out cheaper than separate policies. No matter how many trucks you have, you’ll be able to get them all covered under one easy-to-manage policy. This makes admin easier as well as making the claims process more simple.
  • Secure vehicles – If you want to keep the cost of your insurance to a minimum then it’s always a good idea to make any vehicles named on the policy as secure as possible. By protecting against theft, you can get the cost of your policy down considerably. Trackers and alarms are always excellent ways to make a vehicle more secure.
  • Get multiple quotes – Lastly is to get multiple quotes. Getting multiple quotes is now easier than ever and doing this could easily save you a lot of money. When you get quotes from different insurance providers, you can easily see which provider offers you the best value for money. All you have to do is select the quote that’s best.

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